Delegate Comments

Dan Steinberg – Emporium Presents

As I head back to the States, my mind is racing with all I've learned this week, the new friends I've met, and the old friends I was overjoyed to cross paths with at #ILMC28. I have come to love this conference starting from the top down – the entire ILMC team are always amazing hosts. With that said, the Royal Garden Hotel is simply the most welcoming place I've ever stayed, the same room year after year, the bar staff remembering you by name from past years, as well as you favorite drink, it truly feels like family. 

I left last year with a feeling of how amazing people [in the industry] are overcoming massive overwhelming challenges to produce entertainment around the world, and that is still the case. The global business is very different than that in the States and Canada and even the UK proper, the second- and third-world countries seem to be in a different mindset than I have been taught. At the end of the day, everyone is trying to do good business, and bring talent to the people of the world, everyone's heart is clearly in the right place, the path to get there is a tad different. 

The things we all seem to be able to agree on is the bar is a great place to bond and enjoy a few pints. 

If you have not made the journey to London for ILMC, I highly suggest it, it has not only changed how we do business, it has changed my worldview.

Jaime Trancoso – Flamenco Agency

It is the first time I attended and did not know what to expect to be honest. However, it really overtook my expectations… It really is highly recommended: I have already put it in my calendar for next year! 

Mark Harding – Showsec

Brilliant event, very vibrant, new faces.

Sophie Doherty – Big Concerts

It was the first time I attended the ILMC and I had an amazing time. The panels were fantastic and I've taken lots of new knowledge back to South Africa. To be an Arthur Award nominee representing Big Concerts was a great moment and the dinner was stunning. Hopefully, I will be back next year.

Big thanks to the ILMC for arranging everything. The whole team needs a big pat on the back. 

Adam Brooks – Ents24

Overall I thought it was a great event, the digital streams and ticketing panels were particular highlights. 

Juha Kyrrro – FKP Scorpio

It was the best ILMC I have attended so far. Very productive for myself, great list of delegates and panellists. Again, it was very easy to run into people at the Royal Garden and catch up with what the rest of the world was up to. 

Florian Baufeld – Handshake Booking

Really well organised, the panels I witnessed (festival forum, loyalty between promoters and agents & opening panel on Friday) gave valuable insight and I liked that the conference didn´t offer too much content, so I didn´t have to miss anything. The Dutch night was a lot of fun and it was refreshing to see some live music after a day full of conversations. So, many thanks again to everybody and see you soon!

Semyon Galperin – Ural Production Center

You're so great guys, I don't see any room for improvement!

Andrea Pokorna –  Communique

I had a great time at ILMC in London last weekend. I think that your conference gives a great opportunity to learn new things, to meet interesting people, make new friends and make business deals!   

I really appreciate your efforts in organisation of a such big event. I am sure it is not easy to check and coordinate all the activities to make the conference nice and interesting for a big group of people from all around the world. Congrats to awesome job! I am looking forward to ILMC29!

Katrin Wildfleur – Power! Percussion

I just would like to thank you and all of your team for the days in London and your great support!

It has been the first step to build up our international career and I had plenty of worthwhile meetings. I am really looking forward to the next ILMC!

Boyan Boiadjiev – Sofia Music Enterprises

Hi Greg
Dropping you a quick note to say that this year's ILMC will be one I'll never forget. Besides having a great professional experience, I saw the industry folks coming together as a whole in a very positive, encouraging and heart-warming way. All thanks to you and your team.

I suppose that the events of last year brought a dose of emotion into all of us, and what I saw was way beyond the scope of a professional networking event. It was true relationship and mutual respect building. 

Simon Dietzfelbinger –  BB promotion

It was a great conference as always. We met a lot of business contacts and this is of course helping us in approaching partners for further business. 

Christian Doll – 
C2 Concerts GmbH

Thank you for another wonderful conference, you guys did an amazing job again. I still have to sort all my thoughts and memories –

Again, I met so many people, great panels and lots of talk at the bar …Looking forward to ILMC 29 already!