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ILMC Production Meeting

Over the past eight years, the ILMC Production Meeting has become one of the foremost platforms for international production professionals to meet, network and discuss the most pressing issues affecting the industry.

In 2015, 200 of the world's most renowned production managers; sound and lighting engineers; venue personnel; suppliers and promoters' representatives made their way to London for this one-day event, which runs the day before ILMC kicks off.

To accommodate increasing demand for delegate places, IPM is moving home in 2016 and will be held at the Copthorne Tara Hotel whiich is just five minutes walk from the Royal Garden Hotel. The IPM Closing Drinks party will still take place at the Royal Garden Hotel, in order to retain IPM’s close association with ILMC.

Each edition of IPM sees one senior production figure invited to welcome delegates and host the day. After Live Nation’s John Probyn and Keith Wood from Production Solutions both did such a wonderful job in previous years, we’re pleased to announce that Britannia Row Production's Bryan Grant will be 2016’s guest host of honour.

As with previous editions of IPM, discussions will focus on four distinct topics that are facing the industry, but with additional space at the new venue, we are also launching a series of presentations - Production Notes - throughout the day.

These 10-minute slots will take place during networking breaks at IPM, and we would like to hear from any interested person or company who would like to present an initiative, case study, idea or service that would benefit the production community in some way. If you would like to to apply to present a Production Note, please email ipm@ilmc.com with details of the presentation you would like to give. The best ideas (as chosen by IPM’s Advisory Board) will be programmed into the day.

A delegate pass to IPM includes complimentary coffee and tea, a buffet lunch, and a two-hour drinks and nibbles session in the company of peers and early-bird ILMC delegates.

Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, London, W8

, Thursday 3 March 2016
Hosts: eps | EFM | Megaforce

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09:00 IPM Registration opens
09:00 - 10:00 Coffee & Tea
10:00 - 11:15 Opening Address & Panel 1
  Communication Breakdown (it's always the same)
11:15 - 11:45 Coffee & Tea Break 
11:30 Production Note 1:  Welfare matters
11:45 - 13:00  Panel 2: 
  2,000 Light Years From Home: International travel planning
13:00 - 14:30 Lunch 
13:30 Production Note  2: The PLASA National Event Lifting Certificate
14:00 Production Note  3: Taking Advantage of UK’s New Approach to Apprenticeships
14:30 - 15:45 Panel 3:
  The Wheels on the Bus Go Round: Transport spotlight
15:45 - 16:15 Coffee & Tea Break
16:00 Production Note 4: How Fan Activation can Affect Transport and Crowd Control
16:15 - 17:45 Panel 4: 
  Our House, in the Middle of our Street: Venue Management 2.0
18:00 - 20:00 IPM Closing Drinks Party at Royal Garden Hotel

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A delegate place at IPM 9 will cost £85 for ILMC delegates and £130 for non-ILMC delegates.

To obtain the discounted rate, ILMC delegates should register for IPM at the same time as registering for ILMC, or contact registration@ilmc.com if you have already registered for the ILMC.

If you are not registering for ILMC and only wish to register for IPM, please click here...

To read our Terms & Conditions, click here.

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The four main panel topics for IPM are as follows:

Panel 1:
Communication Breakdown (it's always the same)
Chair: Carl AH Martin (cahm.uk) | Bryan Grant (Britannia Row, UK)

Examining how we can improve tour planning from the very first meeting to the moment everything changes, this session will encourage a full range of professionals in the room to discuss how life can be made easier for everyone involved with the tour; and will also take a look at how communication can be improved and how both time and money can be saved by those involved working more closely together.

Panel 2:
2,000 Light Years From Home: International travel planning
Chair: Martina Pogačić (HR)

Panellists: Adrian Whitmarsh (Premier Aviation UK Ltd), Sophie Amable (Artist & Entertainer Visas Global, UK), Nick Adams (Road Rebel, NL) and Clare O’Conell (Cirque du Soleil, AU).

It's tour travel agents' specialist knowledge that makes them an essential part of the process for tour managers organising hotel stays for large groups of people and moving artists and crew all around the world. Meanwhile, their business is getting tougher as airlines have stopped paying agents commission and both travel and hotels can easily be booked direct by anyone via the Internet.

In this panel, we will get expert advice regarding typical touring issues including visas, permits, local languages and other challenges.

Panel 3:
The Wheels on the Bus Go Round: Transport spotlight
Chair: Keith Wood (Production Solutions, UK)

Panellists: Lisa Ryan (EFM, UK), Okan Tombulca (eps holding GmbH, DE), Kees Brouwer (Pieter Smit, NL) and Joerg Philipp (Beat the Street, Austria).

It’s all about timing and time as they say, is money. From EU driving hours regulations to increased border checks causing delays, this panel will take a good look at those things – small and large – that can and do cause problems.  Aimed at all those who hold a stake in tour planning, this panel will start by reviewing the current state of play in the tour transport sector and then look at what we can do to improve it and prepare for the future. How can we improve the way we work together and support transport companies who have to constantly adapt in order to comply with ever changing rule & regulation?

Panel 4
Our House, in the Middle of our Street: Venue Management 2.0
Chair: Carl AH Martin (cahm.uk)

Panellists: Dominique Frazer (The Boiler Room, UK), Suzanne Bull (Attitude is Everything, UK), Jim Digby (Event Safety Alliance/Collaborative Endeavor Group, US) and Mark Harding (Showsec, UK).

From arenas and stadia to grass-roots venues, all venue operators face similar challenges and all share the same responsibility: to provide a duty of care to their audience. But incidents such as the recent club fire in Bucharest and the attack at Le Bataclan in Paris are raising new questions about that duty of care. Including topics such as CDM, venue planning, accessibility and coping with ever-more complex inbound touring productions.

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Production Notes

Production Note 1: Welfare matters
presented by Penny Mellor Health, Safety & Welfare at Events, UK


Having successfully introduced and managed the running of welfare areas at events, Penny has put her expertise to paper and written a comprehensive new guide on the subject of audience safety. The aim is to achieve more consistency in the approach to the provision of these essential services both for the public and onsite staff. The provision of good welfare services is critical at many events as they provide support for dealing with a wide range of issues, from drug problems, welfare and distress, to lost people and property. The new Welfare Guide is being published alongside the Purple Guide and will be provided to subscribers at no extra cost.

Production Note 2: The PLASA National Event Lifting Certificate
presented by Paul Riddiford PLASA NRC Manager, UK

The new National Event Lifting Certificate (NELC) is a level 2 industry qualification for people who may rig as part of their duties but are not 'riggers' and do not work at height (Lighting/ Audio/Video guys etc). This qualification has been developed in response to industry demand for a relevant certificate of competence and has been produced with the help of recognised industry experts and the National Rigging Advisory Group.

Production Note 3: Taking Advantage of UK’s New Approach to Apprenticeships
presented by Andy Lenthall Production Services Association - PSA, UK 

In March 2015 UK Skills Minister Nick Boles announced that hundreds more top employers had joined the government’s successful Trailblazers programme to design high quality apprenticeships. Within that group were 13 PSA member employers, led by PRG UK, who have been approved to develop an apprenticeship for Live Event Technicians, a role that, according to many employers, hasn’t been successfully catered for by current apprenticeship models. The Trailblazer scheme will help employers decide training content, means of delivery and methods of assessment, all designed to meet their needs and deliver relevant skills. A year later, Andy Lenthall reviews.

Production Note 4: How Fan Activation can Affect Transport and Crowd Control
presented by Ori Shilo FanZone, Israel 

FanZone offers both digital platform and physical transport services that help fans attending live events to plan their journeys while actively promoting shared transport solutions to reduce environmental impact and traffic congestion. It enables organisers and authorities to communicate instantly and directly with the traveling fans on event day and track arrivals and manage flow via the live fan map. The platform has already supported a number of large events including outdoor concerts for Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams and OneRepublic and this summer will be the official transport and travelling community platform for UEFA Euro 2016.

Delegates List

An overview of those delegates that have already registered for IPM 2016 can be downloaded here. The list will be updated on a weekly basis.

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