The Unconference Session: Tackling industry hangovers

Sunday 6 March 2016
12:30 – 13:30
Room 3
Chair: Gordon Masson, IQ Magazine (UK)

As one of ILMC 28’s final sessions, IQ’s Gordon Masson moderates a panel without an agenda, plucking random delegate-submitted questions from the ILMC tombola, as well as opening the floor for attendees to raise any topics that were not covered elsewhere in the conference programme. Giving an insight into the way that tomorrow’s generation of professionals view the business, The Unconference will also invite some gig goers and young audience members to feedback on their experiences attending concerts and festivals. And helping smooth the way to the Sunday lunch that follows, Gordon will also be serving a range of special hangover cures…

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About Gordon Masson:

A career journalist, Gordon has been a specialist in the music industry for the past 15 years. Now Editor of IQ Magazine, he was previously the live editor at Music Week and international editor for Billboard.

In addition to his various editorial roles, Gordon has undertaken a number of consultancies for record companies and other music industry organisations.

Prior to moving to London, he spent two years in Washington DC where he established a publication for the space and satellite industry, while from 1989-97 he was a reporter for The Courier and Evening Telegraph newspapers, among others, in his native Scotland.

Gordon spent countless hours of his youth in arcades, hence the fact that his grades at school suffered, forcing him to become a journalist. But among his proudest possessions is a certificate from games maker Activision for holding the record score at Chopper Command. Make of that what you will...