The Booking Ring: The streetfighters

Sunday 6 March 2016
12:30 – 14:00
Room 2
Chair: Anna Sjölund, Live Nation Sweden 

Among the topics in this year’s annual showdown between promoters and agents, is ongoing consolidation in the agency sector. Are these larger entities rewriting the rules for promoters? And with an increasingly two-tier agency world, how are the boutique agencies competing? Cancellation clauses, particularly in light of the recent Paris attacks, are scrutinised, and the panel also discusses volatile exchange rates and whether more flexibility on deals is needed. Finally, there’s the perennial problem of over-touring, and whether both agents and promotes should present a united front (for once) and ask a few clients to simply stay home…

Guest speakers:

Kim Bloem, Mojo Concerts (NL)
Juha Kyyrö, FKP Scorpio / Fullsteam Agency (FI)
​Steve Zapp, ITB (UK)

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