Alternative Entertainment: New games to play

Saturday 5 March 2016
14:00 – 15:15
Room 3
Chair: Christoph Scholz, Semmel Concerts (DE)

A new format for our family show/exhibitions session this year sees a multitude of quick-fire presentations on the best alternative content available for touring. Split into four non-music categories, the spotlight falls on YouTube stars, sports, touring exhibitions, and theatre and family shows. Tired of demanding rock stars and slim margins? Looking for world-class productions ready to do business? Christoph Scholz leads a cast of producers and promoters in revealing the best alternative content currently on the market. It may not be rock ‘n’ roll, but we should really, really like it…

David Bigger, WWE (US)
Tom Burns, Summer in the City (UK)
Corrado Canonici, World Concert Artists (UK)
Meriç Dündar, Istanbul Entertainment Group (TR)
David King, Spirit Productions (NL)
Andrew Leighton-Pope, LPO (UK)
Jorge Parra, Monster Truck (US)
Nic Wastell, Completely Independent Distribution Limited (UK)

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About Christoph Scholz:

Christoph heads up SC Exhibitions, a division of German promoter Semmel Concerts GmbH. He is the executive producer of the touring exhibition Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures and director of The Touring Exhibitions Meeting – an annual gathering of touring exhibitions professionals. He is married and has two sons.