Ticketing: The disruptors

Saturday 5 March 2016
11:30 – 12:45
Room 1
Chair: Tim Chambers, TJ Chambers Consultancy (UK)

Facilitated by the rapid global adoption of digital technology, the ticketing industry has never had lower barriers for entry. The result is scores of new companies springing up – each claiming to offer venues, festivals, promoters and artists a better solution than the incumbent giants. But as allocating tickets (for fan club, presale, on sale, and secondary) becomes evermore tangled, does the time and effort outweigh the results? With artists, agencies, labels and managers now in the ticketing game, Tim Chambers examines the potential and the innovators, while also asking whether you can have too much of a good thing.

Guest speakers include:
Lucia Bocankova, Ticketportal (SK)
Jason Legg, Street Team (UK)
Geoff Meall, United Talent Agency (UK)
Andrew Parsons, Ticketmaster (UK)
Scumeck Sabottka, MCT Agentur (DE)

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