Workshop: Twitter and fan engagement

Saturday 5 March 2016
14:00 – 15:00
Room 4
Host: Georgina Parnell, Twitter (UK)

With over 300 million active users, Twitter is the world's public messaging network, with music the most discussed topic. Georgina Parnell, head of entertainment partnerships at Twitter, presents a 60-minute workshop that will examine how promoters, festivals and artists can better engage and monetise fans using the social networking service. Just as Twitter gives a microphone to every artist, influencer and fan to share concert and festival news across the planet, so Georgina will take the microphone to discuss how the industry can get more from the service, in addition to the latest and forthcoming tools for professionals.

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About Georgina Parnell:

Georgina is the Head of Entertainment Partnerships at Twitter UK.  Joining the Twitter Media team in 2015 made perfect sense following twelve years working in Marketing and Sales teams at The Guardian, Channel 4, YouTube and Twitter.  Georgina partners with the Music, Film and TV industries to help them develop and deliver the best content to delight and engage fans on the world's biggest public messaging network.

Twitter is the world's public messaging network. Music is the most discussed topic on the platform ­ it's where news breaks and where people talk about that news and their experiences. Twitter gives a microphone for every artist, influencer and fan to share the exciting world of gigs, concerts and festivals with others across the planet. Georgina will share the ways in which artists, managers, agents, promoters and venues can delight and engage fans on Twitter at every stage of the live music cycle.