The Venue’s Venue: The control pads

Saturday 5 March 2016
10:00 – 11:15
Room 3
Chair: Brian Kabatznick, AEG Facilities (UK)

This year’s Venue’s Venue discussion will focus on several strands including whether, in the ongoing drive for quality facilities, to renovate or rebuild. What forms the decision to make this capital investment and when it is appropriate to knock down and start from scratch? Also tabled is a discussion about the penciling in of dates, and whether a fairer method could be adopted across the industry. And how might venues adopt more of the creativity witnessed in the festival sector? Finally, the session presents exclusive annual figures from the IQ European Arena Report, EAA and NAA, to help quantify the key trends discussed with newly released market data. 

Guest speakers include:

Julien Collette, AccorHotels Arena (FR)
Don Elford, AEG Ogden (AU)
Martin Ingham, NAA (UK)
Karin Mårtensson, Malmö Arena (SE)
Nancy Skipper, EAA (UK)

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