The Digital Audience: Crossing streams

Friday 4 March 2016
17:00 – 18:15
Room 1
Chair: Joanna Young, Live Nation (UK)

The switch from analogue to digital has had widespread repercussions on 21st century life – just ask those working in the recorded music business. Rather than fear its impact, however, the opportunities afforded by social media and digital marketing are embraced by many in the live music business. So just how are streaming services and new online trends in music discovery changing gig-going habits? And is the live music business making the most of the newly available tools and opportunities? Joanna Young assembles an all-star cast of digital evangelists and users to explore the latest ways to keep live music at the epicenter of fans’ busy digital lives. 

Guest speakers include:
Chris Cooke, CMU (UK)
Sam Lee, Deezer (UK)
Olly Hoppe, Wizard Promotions (DE)
Chloe Julien, Bandsquare (US)
Roman Trystram, CAA (UK)

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