Workshop: Better brand partnerships

Friday 4 March 2016
14:15 – 15:15
Room 4
Hosts: Jeremy Paterson, IF Media Consultancy (UK) | Lars Oliver-Vogt, The Sponsor People GmbH (DE)

The partnerships struck between brands and live events are increasingly more complex and innovative. Brand engagement at festivals and concerts is increasing year on year and the consumer’s expectations are higher than ever.  Jeremy Paterson hosts a 60-minute workshop giving advice on how to create, execute and maintain those key, lucrative sponsorship deals.  The session highlights the most successful and innovative activations over the last year, including FMCG, specialist brands and technology, as the route to connect with the consumer mind.

Guest speaker:
Rupert Vereker, Sonic Network (UK)

About Rupert Vereker:

Rupert has enjoyed a lifelong career in advertising, where he started in major multinational agencies such as Doyle Dane Bernbach, working on brands including Heinz, Procter & Gamble and many others. 

Proven Entrepreneur. 1 of 25 Entrepreneurs out of 1000’s selected for UCL 2012 Advances Program sponsored by Goldman Sachs.

First marketing services business founded aged 27 and subsequently listed on AIM.

Founded Sonic  2004 – Sonic is a marketing, advertising and publishing group that specializes in music and lifestyle related marketing. We  give strategic advice on integrating music into brand campaigns, curate cross platform content, rich media formats and live events, and amplify it across a taste maker network of sites to a 7m audience, now available also through the Sonic Private Marketplace. We provide media partnerships to the music industry, festivals and conferences, including guest speakers, and a project management team to handle highly diverse campaigns that work for for Brands, Bands and Fans. Our clients include Record Labels, Festivals, Music Export agencies, and Brands and their advisers including Dr. Martens, Jagermeister, Sailor Jerry, Sonos, Red Bull and many others.

Publisher of DIY Magazine, the UK's leading dedicated music lifestyle media tilte for a new generation, who are still excited about music.

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