Festival Forum: Open space invaders

Friday 4 March 2016
15:30 – 16:45
Room 2
Hosts: Codruţa Vulcu, ARTmania (RO) | Anders Wahrén, Roskilde Festival (DK)

This annual debate will consider the present and future state of the international festival market. With some artist fees having reportedly increased by 50% on last year, and many festivals now dramatically reducing their musical content, there are some who believe we’ve finally killed the golden goose. The festival juggernaut rolls on, but with a competitive US market, new entrants launching and more competition for calendar dates then ever, just how sustainable is it? Beyond the headliners, chairs Codruţa Vulcu and Anders Wahrén examine the relationship between the multinationals and the local festivals they agent for, and ask what cultural purpose festivals serve these days as they celebrate freedom and community in often troubled times.

Guest speakers:
Charles Attal, C3 Presents, (US)
Natasha Bent, United Talent Agency (UK)
András Berta, Sziget Festival (HU)
Stuart Galbraith, Kilimanjaro Live (UK)
Jim King, AEG Live (UK)
Russell Warby, WME (UK)

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About Codruţa Vulcu:

Codruta  Vulcu  is  the  Founder  and  Festival  Director  of  ARTmania  Festival, one of Romania ́s most established events, promoting mainly rock, post rock, metal, ambient & neoclassical acts.

In 2014 the Blaj aLive Festival was launched with a focus on alternative and electronic music. These two festivals, with more than 10.000 attendees per edition, are organised in Transylvania, the historical region of Romania.
Codruta's passion for art and music led her, in 2005, to establish the cultural platform ARTmania, under the motto “Where art & entertainment meet”.
From 2005 onwards, ARTmania has organised shows for bands/artists such as: Serj Tankian, Die Toten Hosen, Manu Chao, AWOLNATION, Nightwish, Matisyahu, HIM, Within Temptation, Apocalyptica, Europe, Jon Lord, Jethro Tull, UNKLE Sounds, Michael Mayer, Kenny Larkin, Acid Pauli, Matias Aguayo, Hauschka, 65daysofstatic etc either as stand alone events or as part of the two festivals.

About Anders Wahrén:

Anders Wahrén spearheads Roskilde Festival's artistic output. He is in charge of the booking committee that selects the 175 or so acts for the festival's nine stages and is primarily responsible for booking international artists.

Additionally, Anders manages the group of art curators responsible for the architecture, performance art, lights, graffiti and much more. With these overall responsibilities, Anders is also the official spokesman for all matters regarding music and art.

Anders is the Head of the Content Division, and along with the rest of the festival management he strategically plans the festival on a greater scale.

After his first visit to Roskilde Festival in 1996 he became a volunteer stage-hand and production manager. In 2005, he joined the festival's booking committee. Anders had previously worked as both booker and production manager at the Roskilde live music venue Gimle from 2000-2006 and subsequently as a booking agent for Live Nation Denmark from 2007-2011.

Anders is 33 years old and lives in Copenhagen with his girlfriend Sofie and their two kids Oscar (four years old) and Alfred (one year old). Anders was born and raised in Roskilde.

About Andras Berta:

Andras Berta has been involved in the Hungarian music industry for approx. 10 years. He was co-founder and director of ‘PANKKK’, the popular music development program of the Hungarian Ministry of Culture and also served as the programme coordinator of Music Export Hungary. He worked for booking and management agency Budapestrocknroll and was co-founder/CEO of the independent label Zene360, before taking the position of International Relations Director at Sziget Cultural Management in 2010.

His main task is supervising the international sales, marketing and PR actions of Sziget, Balaton Sound and VOLT festivals through an international network of promotion and retail partners, currently present in 35 countries.