Workshop: Selling tickets with Google and YouTube

Friday 4 March 2016
10:00 – 11:00

Room 4
Hosts: Stephanie Kovach | Matias Llort Lorenz, Google (UK)

Google and YouTube are the top two search engines in the world, and vital platforms for selling concert and festival tickets. Google’s Stephanie Kovach, industry manager for ticketing, entertainment and attractions, and Matias Llort Lorenz, strategic partnerships manager, present a 60-minute workshop examining how promoters can sell more tickets through audience insight and create an immersive experience at every point of the journey. As well as highlighting disruptive new tools and features of both services, topics will include search, maps, retargeting and GooglePay, in addition to innovative case studies. Exploring the digital pathway for live events, the workshop is designed for those with an interest in how to sell tickets faster and easier. 

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About Matias Llort Lorenz:

Matias Llort is a strategic partner manager at Youtube EMEA. A former director of music at Myspace for the UK, he started his professional career at BMG Music and Sony Music Entertainment. He specialises in business development, music marketing, music streaming and social media.