First Sessions Preview

We’ll be announcing the full ILMC agenda next week, and it’s a bulging arcade of industry topics and information. In fact, there are more characters than we can fit into one email, so to spread the load a little, here’s a quick preview to whet your appetite:
Friday afternoon at ILMC will see Live Nation UK’s head of campaigns and marketing Joanna Young assemble an all-star cast of evangelists and users to explore The Digital Audience: Crossing streams.How are streaming and new online trends in music discovery changing gig-going habits? And is the live music business making the most of the newly available tools and opportunities?
The next day, and following on from the discussion at the International Festival Forum, Stephan Thanscheidt (FKP Scorpio, DE) and Marc Lambelet (Mainland Music, CH) consider whether ‘loyalty’ has become a lost word in the wider live music business in Industry Relationships: Setting the moral compass. As the traditional boundaries between agent, local agent and local promoter have become blurred, are too many conflicts of interest and financial pressures affecting the way we work with and trust each other? 

Joanna Young, Stephan Thanscheidt & Marc Lambelet